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Ian Fraser

Twickenham Spring Riichi Tournament

The UK’s competition season got off to an early start with a seven-round event at the home of the Richmond Bridge Club over the weekend of 18th/19th March 2023.   A truly cosmopolitan entry represented ten different European countries and thirteen countries.  The event was organised by Devina St, leader of the Twickenham Riichi group, with support… Read More »Twickenham Spring Riichi Tournament

The Third UK Online Riichi Online Tournament

The third online tournament sponsored by the Mahjongtime platform took place over the weekend of 14th/15th January 2023. Once again, a healthy cohort of international players joined the UK entrants to compete for the trophies and sponsored cash prizes generously donated by  Irina Spelincova, won four and took two second places from the eight… Read More »The Third UK Online Riichi Online Tournament

UK Open Riichi Tournament 2022

Representatives from seven countries, including the UK, foregathered to celebrate one of the first ranked tournaments in Europe since the onset of the Covid19 pandemic, in this eleventh iteration of the UK Riichi Open series.   Many old acquaintanceships were renewed, whilst a handful of players were making their baptism in face-to-face tournament play. One such… Read More »UK Open Riichi Tournament 2022

2nd UK Online Riichi Tournament – 2021 again sponsored with UKMA the second UK online riichi tournament which attracted a goodly following from both home and overseas, one third of the field being home grown players. Fewer in number, but clearly superior in quality the locals took four of the top six places, with Russell Chan emerging the winner to improve… Read More »2nd UK Online Riichi Tournament – 2021

10th UK Open Riichi Tournament – 2019

Nine different countries were represented in the 2019 riichi tournament. Once again there was a tale of local success when Paola Bungaro ultimately secured a convincing victory – her second tournament win in twelve months. After seven hard fought rounds, there were realistically just five main contenders for the title, and as the draw had… Read More »10th UK Open Riichi Tournament – 2019

9th UK Open Riichi Championship – 2018

This year’s tournament attracted the largest and most widespread support in the history of the event with four dozen domestically based players and twenty from overseas taking part. It was particularly pleasing to note that there were more British players alone than have played in any previous well as the largest representation to date… Read More »9th UK Open Riichi Championship – 2018

Inaugural UK Open MCR Championship – 2018

As a curtain raiser to this year’s UK Open Riichi tournament, the first ever MCR rules tournament in the United Kingdom was held on 3rd August, attracting not only the small number of local enthusiasts, but also a significant group of overseas visitors from six different countries. MCR is typically played with a more stringent… Read More »Inaugural UK Open MCR Championship – 2018

8th UK Open Riichi Championship – 2017

The eighth UK Riichi Open attracted forty competitors, including players from Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Italy and even China (although the winner, Yihe Lu, is in practice, presently studying at Warwick University). In fact, one of the longest distance travellers to the tournament was Brigit Berkitt – all the way from the Shetland Islands, 800 miles… Read More »8th UK Open Riichi Championship – 2017