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Great Scholars Tournament

The Great Scholars Riichi Mahjong Tournament was the first Riichi Mahjong tournament in Oxford. The winner was Philip Bielby. Final rankings and scores are now available. The tournament took place on Saturday 6th April 2013 at North Oxford Association, Summertown, Oxford. 24 (out of a maximum possible 48) participants played 5 hanchan according to EMA… Read More »Great Scholars Tournament

1st UK Open Riichi Tournament – 2010

After the success of the pilot event, the inaugural UK Open was held on June 26th 2010. Supported by official recognition from the EMA, with MERS ranking points at stake, and with the assistance of publicity via Mahjong News a significantly wider participation was achieved. It was particularly pleasing that Martin Rep, editor of Mahjong News, was… Read More »1st UK Open Riichi Tournament – 2010

Pilot Tournament in UK

The first known Riichi tournament held in the UK took place in September 2009, involving members of the local groups around Guildford and a handful of specially invited guests from mainland Europe, including Tina Christiansen, Vice President of the European Association. The result was a minor embarrassment for co-organiser Peter Langford, who hadn’t even necessarily… Read More »Pilot Tournament in UK