UK Mahjong Association

UK Mahjong Association

How to Play in the First UK Riichi Online Tournament

Many players will already be signed up to play on Mahjong Time; the tips below are aimed at those who are not and also include the instruction for registering and playing in the tournament. (Further advice from Mahjong Time on Accessing and Signing Up to their platform can be found here)

  1. Access the Mahjong Time Home Page ( online via your browser. The preferred method is to use the downloadable version on a laptop or desktop, or the app on a tablet – the download buttons are on the right of the Home screen.

    Note. If you prefer to play via a browser, don't forget to allow Adobe Flash to run !!!

  2. Alternatively, you can use a direct link :-

    For PCs and Macs, click here
    For Mobile Android, click here
    For iPads and iPhones, click here

  3. You can sign up, choose an appropriate "handle" username and play for free to gain experience of the platform.

  4. If you wish take advantage of the “taster” package (new/lapsed users only), then email us at advising us of your chosen “handle”. We will then arrange for you to be given 1000 “Gold Coins” PLUS 3 months VIP membership to enable you to play competitively and even register for the tournament, making it totally FREE!

  5. Register for the tournament; registration opens shortly and costs 500 gold coins. 400 gold coins will be refunded when you complete the tournament.

  6. The tournament starts at 17:00 UK time on both days. There will be 4 x Hanchan each of 2 rounds (E and S), 60 minutes per Hanchan and 8 seconds for each move. With a ten minute break between Hanchan, finish time should be around 21:50 UK time.

  7. Invitation: Make sure to log in 10 minutes early to receive the invitation. The invitation is sent 8-9 min before the start of the tournament. If you missed the invitation, go to Games - My Games to join your table.

  8. Play well!

  9. Look forward shortly after to receiving your prize from amongst the following :-
Overall 1st Place winner
  • $150
  • One Year of VIP membership
  • 10,000 Golden Coins
1st Place UK Player
  • $75
  • One year of VIP membership
  • 3,000 Golden Coins
Overall 2nd Place winner
  • $125
  • One Year of VIP membership
  • 7,000 Golden Coins
2nd Place UK Player
  • $50
  • One year of VIP membership
  • 2,000 Golden Coins
Overall 3rd Place winner
  • $100
  • One Year of VIP membership
  • 4,000 Golden Coins
3rd Place UK Player
  • $25
  • One year of VIP membership
  • 1,000 Golden Coins

In addition, the 1st Three UK players will receive a Physical Trophy.